Best Nebulizer For Travel

Having an asthma or any other respiratory problem is always tough to deal with and one must always carry the best nebulizer for travel.

There are several types of nebulizers. There are nebulizers exclusive only for home use and there are also nebulizers for both home and travel.

Choosing the best nebulizer for travel is always a tricky job because one must consider a lot of things especially the weight of the equipment.

In order to help you find the best nebulizer for travel, we listed below five of the best nebulizer for travel for you to choose.

Top 5 best nebulizer for travel

#1. Compact Vaporizer Compressor System Cool Mist Inhaler for Kids Adults with Full Mask KitBest Nebulizer For Travel

Product description

Product Spec:
Particle Size: 0.5 -5 um
Average Compressor Rate: Min 0.2 ml/min
Liter Flow Range: 6 – 10 LPM
Sound Level: < 65 dBA
Medication Capacity: 6 ml
Power: 120 V / 60 Hz

– Read the instruction sheet carefully when first use;
-The accessories(masks tube mouthpiece) can be washable & reuseable( for same user & prescription only)
, pls change filters if different users or precription to avoid cross infection;
– Keep it in a clean place. thoroughly cleaning before next use;
-The motor equipped with a thermal protector. Thermal protector will shut off the
unit when overheated.pls wait 30mins for motor cool down before another treatment

#2. Portable Compressor System Personal Cool Mist Inhaler kit for Adults and Children

About the product
Low noise : Less than 60 dB, give you a quiet environment
Small size : 7.28″ x 6.65″ x 4.21″. Built-in handle make the light-weight item to carry
Easy to use and carry : One-button operation. it’s more convenient for you to carry it
Included : 1 sets of accessories kit. 1 Air tube, 1 Adult / Child Mask, 1 Mouthpiece. This mist inhaler is suitable for adults and children
100% guaranteed satisfaction : If you have any question, please contact us, we will try our best to help you to solve your problem

#3. Battery Operated Piston Compressor Combo (Battery Included) + Bonus Extra Kit

About the product

  • CONVENIENT – Battery Operated (battery included)
  • PORTABLE – Compact, Ideal for Travel
  • FULL ACCESSORIES – Includes full kit, mask, chargers (for home and car), and WMP cup cleaning swab
  • LIGHTWEIGHT – Weighs only 1.5 lbs
  • WARRANTY – Three-year warranty for compressor; Six month warranty for battery, AC adapter and DC adapter

#4.NEARTOP Air Compressor Personal Cool Mist Inhaler kit for Kids and Adults – Home Use – 120v – FDA Certified

Product description

Power: 120v/60hz
Power Consumption:1.3A
Max Medication Capacity:8 ml
Particle Size: 0.5 ~ 5 μm
MMAD: 2.95 μm
Sound Level: ≤ 60 dBA
Average Nebulization Rate: min 0.2/min
Compressor Pressure Range:30 ~ 50 Psi(210 ~ 345 Kpa / 2.1 ~ 3.45 bar)
Operating Pressure Range: 9.5 ~ 16 Psi(65.5 ~ 100 Kpa/ 0.65 ~ 1.0 bar)
Mode of Operation: Continuous
Flow Range : 6 ~ 10lpm
Operating Temperature Range:10 ~ 40℃( 50 ~ 104 ℉)
Operating Humidity Range: 10 ~ 95 % RH
Storage Temperature Range:-20 ~ 70℃(-4 ~ 158 ℉)
Storage Humidity Range: 10 ~ 95% RH

Package List
1 x Air Compressor Inhaler
1 x Air Tube
1 x Mouth Piece
5 x Filter
1 x Adult Mask
1 x Children Mask

#5. Compact Piston Compressor with Carry Bag and Prep Pad Combo
This one of the best nebulizer for travel compressor unit Comes with Carry Bag and Washable Base Pad. Carry bag allows for easy-to-carry traveling and base pad allows for neat and clean treatment prep and cleanup.

  • Powerful compressor unit Comes with Carry Bag and Washable Base Pad
  • Includes reusable and disposable kits
  • Washable base pad minimizes noise and allows for easy prep and cleanup. Can be washed 300+ times
  • High quality unit with full warranty
  • Exclusive combo

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